Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS) Resources

Records Management

The information on this page is specific for departments that utilize Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS) applications and users of those applications.  BDMS is the official repository for NMSU imaged records.

Installation Process*

1. Setup your browser according to the Web Xtender Browser Settings

2. Synchronize your Banner account and password with BDMS according to Synching BDMS (Xtender) and Banner

3. Download Web Access Client Components or follow the steps for Installing AppXtender Web Access Net Components 7.0.1010.

*Note: If you are supported by the FSA tech group, only step two needs to be completed.

**Note: You must be a local administrator of your PC to install the components.  Please ask your PC technician for assistance if you are not a local PC administrator.

Compatibility Information

  • BDMS is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and 7 using the Internet Explorer 9 (IE9 and older versions) browser.
  • Problems may occur if other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Chrome are used.

Request for BDMS Access

Request for BDMS Security Access Form

Assigned custodian approval required as shown below:

BF-DOCS -JV Backup Documentation
Anna Price
B-F-GRNT - Grant Files
 Tina Hales
A&F_PSRM_FM_PCARD - PCard Fiscal Monitor
 SPA - Tina Hales
 AFR - Carolina Molina
B-R-TREQ - Financial Aid Files
 Alamogordo Campus - Vandeen McKenzie
 Carlsbad Campus - Diana Campos
 Dona Ana Campus - Gladys Chairez
 Grants Campus - Beth Armstead
 Las Cruces Campus - Janie Merchant or Virginia Tucker