BDMS Scanning Guidelines


Verify that the scanner set up matches the settings shown below:


  1. Mode: use Black and White
  2. Dots per inch: 300 dpi, for all scanning.

Note: If necessary, the use of grey scale may be used for a page that does not scan well enough in black and white. This should be used sparingly. DO NOT USE THE COLOR SETTING, this creates extremely large files that take up unnecessary room on the server.

Document Preparation

It is important to prepare your documents for scanning. This will minimize tears, jams, and misfeeds.

  1. Remove all staples and paper clips.
  2. Tape down all sides of Post It Notes.
  3. Receipts, envelopes and any paper smaller than 8.5” by 9” may be taped to an 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper to eliminate the need to reset the paper guides.
  4. Any pages that are torn should be copied before being scanned.
  5. Remove any unnecessary stickers or stray tape that may be attached to the page.
  6. Do not fold legal size paper.
  7. Place the pages in order. This is the order they will be scanned into BDMS.

screen bean team tip


Be sure you remember your VERIFY step!