Stats and Progress

Currently there are 8,669,357 pages stored on the RMR system.

RMR Projects in Production:

  • A/P Invoices
  • Employee Benefit Forms
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
  • Financial Aid Student Generated Docs
  • I-9s
  • International NRA
  • Journal Voucher Backup Documentation
  • OFS Billing Statements
  • Official Transcripts
  • Payroll
  • Payroll PARS (historical)
  • PCard FM Review
  • PCard Receipts
  • Request for Computer Systems Access Forms
  • Scanning Request Forms
  • Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) Effort Reports
  • SPA Electronic Grant and Contract Files
  • SPA Expense Distribution (historical)
  • University Student Records

RMR Projects in Progress:

  • Human Resources
  • University Student Records Phase II, including Advising


Date last updated: 6/19/2019

FSA-RMR office has accepted delivery to the F.A.T.E. Warehouse of 8,258.18 boxes of confidential records that have met their retention requirements.  Also, 1,068.88 boxes of non-confidential records have been destroyed by departments after receiving permission from NMCPR. As part of the FSA-RMR office disposition and destruction process, 3,643 sq. ft. of space has been reclaimed.

* Based on the footprint of a standard vertical four-drawer filing cabinet.