Records Management and Retention (RMR)

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The NMSU ARP (Section 14.10) states: “Statutory or other legal requirements provide that certain records be retained for specific periods of time. Some records and documents may have to be held in connection with regulatory directives or other business purposes; therefore, no records may be destroyed, except in accordance with applicable laws and NMSU policy and procedures.”

The goal of the Records Management and Retention (RMR) Office at New Mexico State University is to ensure that NMSU complies with state and federal statutes related to maintenance, preservation and disposition of university records. New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) 1.13.30, DISPOSITION OF PUBLIC RECORDS AND NON-RECORDS requires that we obtain permission from the state prior to destroying any records, even once the retention requirements are met. The state also defines the period of time which records must be maintained by an organization in what are called retention periods. Records may be needed for operational, legal, fiscal, historical or other purposes. The retention requirements are defined in the New Mexico Administrative Code 1.21.2. FUNCTIONAL RECORDS RETENTION AND DISPOSITION SCHEDULES (FRRDS).