xSteps for Disposition of Records at NMSU

Disposition and Destruction Process

  1. Department will complete and submit NMSU Request for Disposition.pulping machine
  2. NMSU Records Liaison obtains approval for disposition from NMSU Records Custodian(s) (If central records).
  3. If records are non-confidential:
    • FSA – RMR Office submits a request to New Mexico Commission of Public Records (NMCPR) for approval of disposition.
    • NMCPR approves disposition.
    • FSA – RMR Office notifies the requesting department of the NMCPR approval and the department may proceed with destruction.
    • Department will provide NMSU Certificate of Destruction to the FSA – RMR Office once destruction is complete.
  4. If records are confidential:
    • Department prepares records according to the boxing requirements. (shining examples of boxed records)
    • FSA – RMR Office performs a Condition Assessment.
    • FSA – RMR Office determines OK to proceed.
    • FSA – RMR Office coordinates with Department to schedule delivery of boxes to the F.A.T.E. Warehouse. (Note: The departmental contact must meet RMR staff at the F.A.T.E. Warehouse during delivery of boxes in order to sign the transfer of the official records.)
  5. If the records are electronic:
    • If the records are in BDMS, the FSA – RMR Office will delete them from the system.
    • If the records are not in BDMS, FSA – RMR Office will assist department with communication to technical support as required.
  6. All information concerning the disposition is tracked and stored for future reference and legal concerns.